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Centralized Services

Who watches over your tech environment to make sure you have the secure systems and repeatable processes to maximize your workflow potential? TotalCareIT™'s processes and ongoing assessments monitor your environment to ensure security and streamline your technology, producing an optimal workflow for your employees.

Network Compliance

How do delays and process inefficiencies impact your ability to get work done? Productivity means making the most of your time, which is easier when you can focus on what you do best. With multiple annual appraisals, TotalCareIT™ keeps your technology on track, proactively identifying problems before they impact your business.

Technology Consulting

Is your business getting all the forward-motion it can from your technology? TotalCareIT™ takes the time to understand your unique business challenges and goals. Combining this focused attention with technical expertise, we empower you to make informed technology decisions that help you further your company goals.

Reactive Support

When you reach out for help, is the help you get the help you need? In addition to 24/7 assistance from a live engineer, TotalCareIT™ Support has earned a customer satisfaction score of over 96%. Our customers appreciate our above-and-beyond approach, the plain-English communication, and the levels of escalation leveraged for larger-scale issues.

Professional Services

This is the team that delivers projects that have been discussed and agreed upon per the client and their VCIO during one of their Strategic Business Reviews. These projects run the gamut from Cloud migrations to workstation replacement/installations. Projects are managed by a team lead and the client is kept in the loop on progress each step of the way.

A Day in the Life of a Network Compliance Engineer

Computer Networking, Live and In Person

Sometimes you just want somebody right there, in the flesh. That’s your TotalCareIT™ Network Compliance Engineer (NCE). Under managed service, the NCE’s role on the team is to carry out the tasks and projects that keep the network safe, secure, and humming along reliably. They do part of their work on-site at your place of business, completely dedicated to you for however much time was initially set in your agreement.

"Wait, instead of hiring a full-time network administrator in my business, we only need one once a month? How can that work?"That’s right. When things are set up and configured correctly, and there is a dedicated support team available to handle the questions and situations that come up day to day, actual network administration can be knocked out in as little as one day per month, depending on the size and complexity of your IT environment. Our NCE group has this down to a science.

A typical Proactive Network Compliance Engineer Day:

Arrive and meet with business point of contact to review the agenda for the day. Say hello to some of the business’ staff and check in on how things are going for them. (Relationships matter!) Answer a question for a couple of them about calendar sharing permissions. Check in with the CFO on how her new laptop is working for her.

Work on an issue the support team sent over that wasn’t urgent but needed further digging in to complete. Review ticket histories and analyze root cause. Call the software vendor and work with them to apply a fix and test. Email affected client staff and support colleagues to update them.
Special projects: install a new temperature probe on the APC battery backup to restore temperature monitoring for the server room.

Update network diagram in IT Glue to reflect new wireless access points. Note their specific location and photograph that location for site documentation.

Complete Technical Health Assessment review of open firewall ports and two other technical standards line items to prepare for client’s upcoming audit.

Those are just some examples of what Network Compliance Engineer delivers. These experienced computer networking professionals become the “go-to” guys and gals, both for clients and our internal staff, because of their knowledge of clients’ business operations and IT systems.

Bonus: they’re incredibly nice people!

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